Many people are coming off of a toxic relationship, work long hours, busy with children, don’t feel completely confident and worthy of a relationship.  Whatever any of the many, many issues there may be in life, no one wants to be alone for long.

There are millions of good American men and women in any-town USA, that would love to just have someone to chill with, simply sext with, or have safe, responsible sex with.  Without the pressures and stress of a full commitment and strings.  We all have our own reasons why and owe no one any justification for it.

Right now in our lives, we want a fwb’s and we want to be a fwb’s!!

This is where it starts!!  We’ll see ya inside!! 🙂

Christina – Site Moderator

Encounters Team; (Christina, Megan, Tara, Justin, Kelly, April, Doug), xoxo = xxx

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