The awesome thing about our site is that we let you search and view members for free!

The un-awesomeness about it? You can’t send messages, you can’t see pics or videos that other members have set for private and members only, you won’t know who is currently online and a few other goodies. Until you are a member also!

  • ONLY 1 LEVEL OF MEMBERSHIP! Unlike other dating sites which offer 3 different, empty your wallet and then renew you again without a word, or permission. We only have 1 year long membership. It is also the lowest price of any dating or casual hookup website anywhere on the web.  **You find lower, comparable pricing for a full year and we will beat it by $1.00 for you.

  • FULL ACCESS to all profiles. You only get to see a few pics and can send or receive no messages. 

  • CREATE & JOIN our secret, private and public GROUPS.

  • Send & receive UNLIMITED messages.

    And much more, not listed here!!  We are always adding new features and improving to make the site a fun place to spend some time, while you shop and get shopped by those wanting a great friend or more!!


Level Price  
1 YEAR $23.88 now.
Membership expires after 365 Days.

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***We would love to be 100% free for you, because love, dating, hooking up, getting laid and enjoying sex is human and should be free.  However, If you want us to be able to pay for the site and marketing to bring in new females, as well as new male members.  

We have to ask for a little money to do these things. And most hard working, adult grown MEN and women understand that truth, don’t want their time or money wasted and deserve some great LOVE & Dating.


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